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Meet 3 American Celebrities Who Did Cosmetic Surgeries And Had Body Complications

So many female celebrities around the world undergoes a series of cosmetic procedures like body augmentation, botox injections, liposuction and many more just to change their physical appearance to get more attractions and center of discussion. But sometimes body complications can arise after the process and celebrities probably fall victim to it as well.

Photo credit; @iamcardib @kimkardashian & @kmichellemusic: Instagram

Here are three popular American celebrities who have had cosmetic surgery and suffered bodily complications.

1. Michelle

Photo credit; @kmichellemusic: Instagram

Professional American singer, K Michelle had surgeries to enlay her buttocks several years ago. In 2017, K Michelle started having body complications such as leg pain and fatigue, which led her to speak out against illegal cosmetic surgeries

Photo credit; @kmichellemusic: Instagram

K Michelle took extra steps to remove her silicone injections from her butt by going through four surgeries

2. Cardi B

Photo credit; @iamcardib: Instagram

Cardi B has always been one of the popular female celebrities who has never denied going under the knife to improve her body shape. After Cardi B gave birth to her daughter, Kulture Kiari Cepheus, she suffered from bodily complications that required her to undergo liposuctions

Cardi B told her fans on Twitter that she would never do body surgery again because of its effects.

3. Kim kardashian

Photo credit; @kimkardashian: Instagram

The popular American socialite and ex-wife of Kanye West has opened up about her experience after suffering complications that left her face bruised. This happened when Kim Kardashian used Botox injections on her popular reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashian

Photo credit; @kimkardashian: Instagram

Kim Kardashian has made her regrets known to the public and admitted that she doesn't think about the side effects of Botox.

In my opinion, I can't condemn cosmetics Surgeries because is one of the essential ways for celebraties or upcoming celebrities who are criticized for having little or curvy butt but in some cases it can be detrimental to ones life

Share your personal thought on cosmetic surgery. What do you think, readers? Should but enlargement, botox injection be encouraged or criticized?

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