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Short Kente Gowns To Slay In

Ladies if you love kente and and you searching for kente styles to rock then this particular article is for you. Kente is proudly made in Ghana, it is a brightly coloured patterned cloth consisting of several strips sewn together. Kente is usually made from silk and cotton. This article contains dress styles you sew with kente cloth.

Originally the use of kente fabric was reserved for Asante royalty and reserved for special sacred and social functions. Now kente is used for various events and functions like wedding events, graduation, parties, church, etc.

As the production of kente increased it became accessible to those outside the royal court. It is worn by many other culture groups who have been influenced by the Akan cultural group.

Kente is more than just a cloth, it is an ironic visual representation of history, ethics and religious beliefs. Every aspect of kente design is intended as commmunication, the colours of kente cloth each hold symbolism.

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