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"Don't Allow Anyone to Bring You down..." Osebo The Zaraman Tells His Fans

As we often say, Life has its ups and downs. but often because of the low times in life, which are mostly caused by people's criticism, people's persecution against us, some people give up their ambitions, dreams and goals. As a result, many people found themselves in deplorable situations ,and living conditions. 

Today, the Ghanaian fashionista has decided to talk about this subject of , giving up dreams and ambitions, because of the low times of life and the critics . Indeed, in a video published by the fashionista, he is seen seated in his shop giving advice to his fans. 

According to him giving up his dreams or projects because of criticism is not an option. Because ,when someone starts having his dreams to establish a project, he is still alone. He gave the example of his case, of the criticisms and insults he received, when he decided to become a security guard. See the post below.

He went further, advising young people to like to fight for success and not to stand idly by. Because according to him ,whatever you do or undertake, you will always have people who will criticize you, insult you, and even trying to sabotage what you are doing. He added the example of Jesus Christ our Savior, who himself suffered the worst despite being perfect. Watch the video on the link below:

Indeed, for this advice almost everyone would agree with Osebo. Because he has just challenged young people ,on a great truth that they already know, but for certain circumstances does not lend itself to it Warning. 

Because ,several Celebrities and personalities of the country have already demonstrated by the story of their lives that ,the abandonment of one's dreams ,because of suffering or criticism is not an option. Because whatever we do ,there will always have people who will try to make us give up everything. 

Osebo himself has not ceased to be criticized for his dress style. But he did not give up, because in the end this unique style, brought him popularity and success in his business. 

What do you think of osebo's advice and perspective on critics , and the influence they have on people's success? 

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Ghanaian Osebo Zaraman


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