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US based popular Ghanaian fashion designer reported dead at age 41, tributes pour in: more details

Steve Jobs had said "the worst bed is death bed" which further creates an image about death being most dramatic, when you feel pain in the end that is excruciating. Hebrews 9:27 states "it is appointed unto men once to die and after that to face judgement." This clearly reminds us that we are foreigners of this world and therefore we must live our lives as foreigners of this world and not citizens of this world.

Should we pity the dead? No, Don’t pity the dead, their misery in this world is over. Pity the living who still have time to go and will feel the emptiness that death create as they watch their loved ones pass away. Death is painful and those who have experienced near-death tragedies know best. There’s nothing emotionally more painful than watching your beloved one die.

Pain in itself is not something that people fear considering they know how it feels to be in any form of pain physical, mental and in any other form. However when concept of death is considered it is regarded as the end of wishes, desires and pleasures.

It lasts few minutes and you are gone but what remains are unfulfilled wishes and things. No one wants to die because they dont know what they would do as nothing concrete about death is known and if only death was a resting place or hell, people would live their lives differently in order to pass through death.

The angel of death always strikes unexpectedly and it snatches mostly the ones who are doing something meaningful in the society. How many Ghanaians aren't proud to see a fellow Ghanaian in far away America, making an impact in the fashion industry.

This gentleman is a mentor many look up to and he has really contributed immensely to the creative arts. Virgil Ablorh, the Ghanaian founder of off-white who is based in the United States of America has passed on. It is believed he died of cancer and was the artistic director of Louis Vuitton.

It seems he couldn't accomplish his all of his assignment on earth because he passed on too soon. May his gentle soul rest well.

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