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Ankara crop TOPS with JEANS are the new wave right now, and here is why.

Right now instead of putting a normal tshirt with jeans you can represent for your nationality while still looking good with the new fashion style that is jeans with Ankara crop tops.

Honestly I have not seen a single person in this style that does not look long,everybody rocks it well enough. Obviously it does look a bit more flattering to people with sizable busts which is fine,you can opt out of having the off shoulder option. I will probably have to look for pictures that show variations in this particular style, as a slim girl myself I feel we need the presentation.

Don't mind me.

And you guessed it, I am going to talk about accessories. Given the mostly wide and open chest or clavicle area presented, necklaces will be necessary so your neck does not look too bare.

Also these types of tops work well with high rise jeans rather than the ones with the low waist cut.It is already pretty short,the top I mean, so you would want the jeans to be higher to complete the look.

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