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Though people spend huge money on anti-aging drugs; try these foods and compare yourselves

The power of food or diet on the human system if proper knowledge on nutrition is followed is indispensable. What one takes in can tremendously alter every bit of your being not excluding beauty. Our beauty is always reflected on the skin which is the largest organ of the human body. The skin return the favour of what you eat by giving you a beauty or wrinkles and also reflects internal troubles in the body.

Whiles it is important to note that aging is inevitable, food has the potential to keep the skin flesh and make you look younger. On the hand, there are other artificial products such as creams, soap, serum, etc comes with huge maintenance cost and many unfortunate side effects. This problems can be avoided by using foods by feeding on foods that contain natural Collagen.

Collagen has the ability to boost and give the body a fresh look and also help reverse the signs of aging. Foods that contain high amounts of biotin, allergic acid, vitamins, healthy fats and other essential nutrients are natural Collagens that improve your skin. It is the most abundant protein is the human skin that makes up about 75 - 80 percent. Although, collagan depreciate with age, the inclusion of diets rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients can boost it.

The following foods are excellent anti-aging foods

1. Carrots

The reason why carrots are used in most skin care products is because of their natural ability in enhancing skin health and hair. Carrot is rich in beta-carotene that help to improve skin health and hair.

2. Sweet pepper and Tomato

These two vegetables are rich in vitamin C that is effective in fighting wrinkles on the skin and help keep the flesh younger.

3. Pawpaw

Pawpaw is an excellent source of antioxidants and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus that help in fighting free radicals that damage the skin. It also delays aging. Pawpaw is rich in vitamins A, C, K and E as well as enzyme papain that health to improve the skin.

4. Salmon

Salt is a rich source of Omaga 3 fatty acid and anti-oxidants called astaxanthin that is helpful in improving the skin elasticity and hydration. Fatty acid also nourish the skin and give you a clear colour.

5. Eggs

Protein is the source of Collagens which has the ability to improve the skin health. Eggs are great source of protein that supply collagan that improve healthy skin, hair and nails.

5. Pear

The rich content of minerals and vitamins in avocado makes it an excellent anti-aging food that promotes smooth skin and reverse the the impact of aging.

6. Sweet potatoes

They help to promote soft skin and restore skin elasticity to give you flesh skin because of the abundant anti-oxidants and beta-carotene.

Since food is a daily need, we can eat for good health and at the same time use it to reverse the negative effects of aging that comes with no future troubles as the use of artificial products.

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