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5 Chic Gel nail designs to copy

Rock this period before Christmas with beautiful chic nail designs. Just make sure you go to a good nail technician with a steady hand to bring your vision live. If you are looking to add some color to your hands, try these on right from simple and tranquil to energetic, sassy and elegant.

Starting with plain, bright white, bring attention to your hands.

No one goes wrong with nude from dark skinned to light skinned. And rock the edges with blue or any other color. Blue however looks good on every other person.

Ouuuuuuuu, pink!!!! I love pink, everyone loves pink.

Start with a brightly full glitter index nail to mixing colors and glitters on the middle nail to full pink on the ring nail to half pink and half glitter on the little nail.

When they see you in these nails, they will know that they have seen an angel, a classy one at that in person. Trust me you will look perfect in this!

Content created and supplied by: JustRoseandNails (via Opera News )

Blue Chic Gel


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