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Between these Beauties, SwankyBae and Romangoddess1, who is heavily "boobs endowed"? (Photos).

Instagram is more or less the most exciting site to attract attention, display talent, flaunt glamour and fashion.

Instagram through its wide space is creating room for beauty to be seen and appreciated at all corners of the world. Search for real beauty and classic fashion and Instagram would be enough to get all you need.

In this article, we trying to unearth the real endowed star between two famous Instagram beauties who are heavily boobs endowed, SwankyBae and Romangoddess1.

SwankyBae as popularly know is called Estelle Abel and a Nigerian Instagram beauty. She is heavily endowed with huge breasts and beauty.

She is tall with a slim waist befitting her as a model and a designer. Estelle is very attractive and her huge breasts are a spell in her charming looks. Her body contour is a magma that melts rocks when she quakes in her skinny dresses.

Again from the same Nigeria is another beauty star in the person of Romangoddess1.

Romangoddess1 is a Nigerian socialite and actress from Lagos State. She is very gorgeous, a talented actress, brand influencer and known for her charming photos.

She is heavily endowed with huge breast and butts which add to her charming appearance on Instagram. Romangoddess1's huge breast and curves are an "all stare at" and her fans love her.

Romangoddess1 and SwankyBae are both beautiful and endowed but who is more heavily endowed considering the boobs?

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