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SHS Girls Proving You Can Still Look Beautiful In Your Uniforms Without Stripping

Welcome to 2021, where immorality has become the norm of the day. It is quite surprising how all of a sudden our youth just changed their lifestyle and are copying fashion and culture blindly from the Westerners. Back in the days, while I was growing up, I remember very well how an elderly person could punish you for dressing inappropriately in town and escort you home for further punishment.

That is no longer the case in our so called modern world. Teenagers are suddenly trying to be the next Rihanna, Cardi B or better still a Kardashian by dressing up in outfits that should not even be invented in the first place. This has resulted in a lot of immoral acts by both males and females in our communities. Imagine meeting a lady who is wearing an outfit that completely exposes her sensitive parts to the world, you begin to get certain thoughts in your head. One of the main reasons why men are tempted to rape females, a dress that still makes you look naked.

These immoral acts have even been extended into our high schools, and it is amazing how female students are jumping into these trends without thinking twice. Sometimes I wonder if our high school tutors and house masters and mistresses do not take a good look at their students in school. A typical example is what happens to their school uniforms right after moving from the first year to second year. It has been noticed that, most girls have long uniforms below the knee in form one, but right after moving into second year, the uniforms reduce in length.

These acts are getting very popular in our schools, and it is about time our teachers and leaders cautioned students to desist from such immoral acts. Beauty isn't about exposing your body, if you are beautiful, it will reflect in whatever you throw on. Check out these beautiful senior high school girls looking beautiful in their uniforms that will make you miss school.

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