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When A Lady Removes 3 Layers Of Skin To Minimized Her Forehead

There has a hairline challenge on TikTok. Every beautiful girl and handsome boy update videos to show their forehead size. The videos are funny.

The people, who have a large forehead, will use hair to cover it because they are not satisfied with it.

Camilla Coleman Brooks, who is 26 years old, is a model from America. She has a good looking and sexy body shape.

But Camilla also has a large forehead, so she uses hair to cover it like other people. She said, “I spent my whole life hating and hiding my ginormous forehead."

Anytime she feels not confidence when looking herself in the mirror. So after several years of researching, she decided to do plastic surgery to minimize the size of the forehead.

At the end of February of this year, Camilla updated a new short video to tell people that she has finished the surgery.

What is the surgical procedure? It’s a skin removal surgery.

First, you should have general anaesthesia and shave the hair around the headline.

Second, the doctor will make an incision on the hairline, and move the scalp to see how far it can move down, which is depended on the elastic of the skin.

Finally, the doctor will cut the rest of the skin and stitch it back together.

Camilla minimized the hairline by 3 centimetres, and the whole surgery charged her 7,000 dollars. 

Below is the comparison of before and after, so far the scar hasn’t recovered well yet, when the hair grows around the new hairline, you will see her different new look.

Some people criticized that she doesn’t love herself. 

Some analysis it standing with the professional field, “This type of surgery doesn’t reduce the size of person's forehead because forehead skin has more elasticity than scalp skin. The scar was horrible but lucky it can be fixed. Whatever surgeon did this to her were just looking for money.”

But Camilla was very happy about it, and she told BuzzFeed that she still loves herself very much, there was no conflict between loving inside and changing outside. She also not agreed with people who also want to do this kind of surgery after watching her videos.

So will you change your appearance which you don’t satisfy with?

Content created and supplied by: Dailynewstime (via Opera News )

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