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The most awkward high heels you will see today

High heels have gained much recognition in the world in these recent years. The advent of fashion never envisioned such attention someday but like they say, the future has always got stories to tell.

Ladies feel some sort of confidence when they rock the beautiful high heels and hit the ground running in town. The attention with which these heels draw is just intense such that like a magnet, it pulls other people to go in for similar shoes. This is all amazing and entertaining till you get to realize some high heels which are being introduced into the market.

Some people have decided to bring much creativity into the system by introducing new styles which is likely to catch the eyes of people upon first sight. They tried introducing variety into the heel game but ended up creating heels which looks very different. These heels are so awkward to the extent that for some, you wouldn't recognize they are heels if we do not tell you. Isn't it amazing realizing the numerous and diverse ideas encompassed within the brains of people?

You may not like the concept on which the creation of these shoes were based but just know that what you may not like might be what another person may like. Indeed, "one man's food is another man's poison". These shoes though awkward, are making the sales and fetching the creators money as time goes by. Take a look at them and judge for yourself if you would like them when asked to choose them

These are the high heels which creates an indication of the diverse and funny ways to which some creators can be. Now, this is my question to you, how would you feel if your girlfriend comes to a date with these kinds of shoes? Will you feel embarrassed or okay? And to the girls, how would you feel if your partner bought these kinds of heels for you as a surprise?

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