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Ladies, Here Are Some Ankara Blazer And Skirt Styles To Achieve Smartness And Decency.

As women of virtues, it is one of our basic aims to always look stunning and fashionable. Ladies often decide which dress style fits the venue, work place, the event or purpose of the occasion. They dress accordingly to fit into the environment they step in.

However, one particular look is very outstanding when considered for work, business meetings or even for church services. This glamorous look moreover, is excellent for a smart casual look. This means that it can be for both formal and informal purposes depending on the wearer.

Discussion for this stylish look will be centred on blazers with matching skirts, often made with African wax prints. The the blazers are often not longer, hence they are usually blouse length. The matching skirts on the other hand vary in length and styles.

Matching skirts are usually either flared, gathers or pencil. They are preferably at knee-length or any other length preferred by the wearer. One can, therefore, choose from these different skirt styles and lengths to look glamorous.

Furthermore, one can style these two pieces with a simple inner. Preferably, a spaghetti top in plain simple colours such as black or white. Although these are common colours used as inners, one can choose a particular colour in the wax prints as inner. These spaghetti tops are noted for their small thin straps which support the shoulders. They are light in weight and often made of cotton fabrics. Spaghetti tops are comfortable to wear underneath the blazers.

In the absence of spaghetti tops, one can wear a simple bustier as inner. Bustiers have no sleeves or straps. They are tighter at the bust to secure them to the body. Because the blazer may produce heat in sunny weather, one must always choose a simple inner. Avoid blouses that are one sleeve or shirt sleeves as inner, because they may be bulky and cause discomfort.

However, when it is during cold weather where one wants to feel warm, choose a suitable inner for warmth and comfort. Also, depending on the place one is going, a pair of high heels such as stilettos, slip-on or sneakers are recommended.

Again, fashionable accessories such as jewellery, necklace, handbag or clutch add more styling details. A fascinating necklace worn will go a long way, to make a bold fashion statement. Again, one can use a handbag matching the footwear. Both may be in the same colour if you want to stand out in the crowd.

As said earlier, these blazers and skirts made of Ankara can be worn to church. It serves as office wear or hanging out with friends in a classy way. Depending on the inner which does not expose cleavage, blazers often cover some sensitive parts. Due to this, this two piece often promotes decency as shown below;

In conclusion, there are currently a wide variety of fashion trends. As ladies, this is one of the stylish trends which is not new to us. Even though the two piece outfits were initially made of suiting fabrics, plaids, corduroy and many more, African wax prints are also being used which has been outstanding.

With any beautiful wax prints available, consider sewing one of these marvelous two piece outfit. Feel free to rock it to places which will be convenient anytime you are stepping out.

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