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Skin Care

Mix dettol with one other ingredient to cure this infection overnight

Hi love! I hope you are doing well. It's another beautiful day and am grateful to God that we are all alive. Am here to introduce something new and very effective in the treatment of pimples. Pimples appears at any part of the body that they want

Sometimes, pimples can be seen on the face, under arm and sometimes private parts. This treatment is very effective for any pimples and anywhere at all that it will appear at. Sometimes, pimples appears due to eviromental changes and the weather. Pimples sometimes appear due to change of body creams and lotions

This remedy is ready to kick out any cause of pimples. The ingredients needed are only two. Yeah as I mentioned in the headline, we will be using antiseptic and lime, that's all

Fetch five cups of any antiseptic, mix with half medium size of lime, pour it into a nice well fitted container. Apply at the affected area twice after shower. After 3 minutes, you can apply your body cream or lotion. But at night when going to bed, don't use any cream or lotion on it, leave it like that overnight and see the changes yourself. It's more effective when you don't apply anything at the affected area except the mixture only

Recommended for everybody. Please share like and comment. Let's all stay clean and healthy. I wish you good results

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