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The Day I found out how my daughter use to fix her hair, I fainted (Fiction)

I'm a mother and I'm standing up to a whole gigantic problem.My Daughter is 16 years old and when she planned 13 years old,I quit assisting her with plaiting her hair. 

She uncovered to me that she was adequately adult to fix her own hair and whenever she starts from school on Friday,she reliably enter the room,then come out barely any hours afterward and her hair would be stunning. 

I would be shocked and I would moreover be hailing her for her skill,i am a lone mother.This continued for a serious long time and a day came that she had an actual issue on her hands,she couldn't lift her hands for long until it healed.So I recently had it in my mind that I would fix her hair on Friday after various years. 

To my suprise,she started from school,entered her room and came out with her hair fixed.i was so flabbergasted so I understood something was going on.I got an expert and he assisted me with placing an opening in her room so I could watch out for her Whenever she is doing her hair. 

Another Friday came and she entered her room,I took my phone out and went to watch out for her anyway I didn't see her,she used her aberrant admittance to go to the grass so I followed,this was what I saw 

I Fainted for minutes,I woke back up and ran by and by into my room,I haven't the foggiest what to do. 

If I face her,she could make me go through unfathomable pain.I haven't the faintest idea what to do in any way shape or form. 

She doesn't understand that I know this,what should I do?I'm perplexed.

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