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Do Not Do These 5 Things If You Use Gas Stoves In Cooking, They Can Cause Explosion.

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Gas burners are mostly used in many Ghanaian homes for the reason that they are very fast in cooking and are sometimes cheaper compared to the local coal.Flawed use of LPG can end up in blasts, fire hazards, property damage and most vitally deathly injuries or death.

Gases are very dangerous because of the way they are and can easily cause explosion if much care is not taking. Many of us handle gases wrongly which makes our lives at risk of using them.

That is the reason why today in this article we will be discussing much about some dangerous this we do that makes our lives at risk of our gases , so do well to read this article so to the end.

Mistake We Mostly Make Regarding Gases.

1.Overlooking to leakage problem.

Ghanaians as sometimes funny in such a way that when they encounter problems like leakages on regulator of the gas cylinder instead of replacing them with new ones they will rather put stones on the head of regulator. This is very dangerous, ones your regulator starts leaking you must try replacing them with new ones.

2. Distancing between gas stove and gas cylinder.

Also it may not be advisable if you keep your gas cylinder in the house where you stay. It is advisable that you place them outside the house but in case they are inside the house their distance must be far apart so that in case of any leakages, explosion will be avoided.

3.filling Your Gases To The Brim.

The is no sense when you fill your gases to the fullest. Gases operate at their own pressure , when you fill your gas to the brim you are just putting pressure on the valve. In most cases when we fill our gases to the brim leakages are inevitable.

4.Turning the cylinders upside down.

Also when gases are about to be exhausted they fail to function as they normally does when this happens most some people turn them upside down for it to function as normal. These is also a very dangerous act.

5.Wreaked or weak valve.

The inner valve and tube of a gas cylinder plays a very important role, they prevent leakages and force the gas to stay in it's boundary. Having a depleted valve may cause explosion if care is not taken.

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