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Do not eat these foods before having sex

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Stress, jobs, financial status, diet, and exercise are all things that influence our libido. Your diet is one significant factor that affects your sex drive, and it is something that we can effectively regulate over time. These are the foods you should avoid before sex:

Energy drink: There are often high in sugar as well as nasties like chemical colors and flavors. They can have an immediate energy boost, which can improve stability and stamina, but this effect can be short.

Beans: After a bean-filled meal, some people will feel energized, while others will feel tired, bloated, and even have a spike in flatulence, so it's best to avoid it.

Garlic: This is all about the odorant experience. Garlic makes people garlic breath, but the scent can also last in skin pores for days, causing a difference in odor down below in women.

Tonic water: This also includes quinine, a flavoring agent used in tonic water and other drinks. Quinine has been used to treat malaria, but it has been linked to a reduction in sexual function, so avoid it before sex.

Red meat: It is subjective about how you feel after consuming meat. It can energize certain people by supplying iron and the oxygenation in the body. Others can find that red meat sits heavily in their stomachs, making them feel sluggish, if they don't have strong digestive function.

Canned food: Processed food, frozen in time, there for the long haul but with no nutritious benefit, as well as food that is energetically "dead." This would not improve your vitality or your sexual life!

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