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How to prepare Kontomire Stew With Plantain


2 Pounds goat meat (you can use chicken, beef etc)

2 Large crabs

1 Smoked fish

1 Pound washed chopped Kontomire leaves or taro. (you can use spinach)

1/2 1/2 cup ground Agushi (melon seeds)

1 Cup Palm oil

2 Medium sized onions and a handful of shallots

1 Blended onion

A handful of Turkey berries known locally as Ama dweridi or Anona Ntroba in Fante or Kwahu nsusuwa or Yaa Asantewa, while the Gas call it Kantos

7-10 Medium sized tomatoes

1/4 Teaspoon cayenne pepper

1-2 Cloves of garlic

A dash or two of alligator pepper

1-2 Grated calabash nutmegs

1-2 Scotch bonnet peppers (green peppers)

5 Fingers of plantain

Salt to taste


1. Cleave meat into reduced down blocks

2. Clean crabs and bubble for around 5 minutes in water

3. mix tomatoes, pepper and Turkey berries

4. Cleave onions and put these in palm oil subsequent to warming the oil for a couple of moments until hot

5. Cover agushi with water in a bowl

6. Cleave kontomire into little or wanted strips. Some really like to pound or heat up their kontomire

7. Add mixed tomatoes and pepper(s) to cooking and relaxing onions in palm oil. Pass on to stew until it begins to sear. Mix it for around 3-5 minutes then, at that point, add the marinated goat meat pieces, smoked salmon and crabs. Fry somewhat more until it begins to stick while blending if fundamental.

8. Include hacked kontomire

9. Add flavors to taste

10. Add the drenched agushi while blending delicately and pass on to stew. The agushi starts to cluster in the sauce following a couple of moments. Attempt to keep the clusters in the sauce by proceeding to mix delicately.

11. Pass on to stew on low warmth for around 10-15 minutes

12. Heat up the plantains for around 15 minutes as a side dish

Content created and supplied by: maabena12 (via Opera News )

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