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How To Clean Or Treat Your Kidney With This Vegetable (Garden Eggs) - Details Below

Vegetables are plant raised for some edible part of it such as the leaves, roots, fruit or flowers. Some examples are tomatoes, Pepper, Okro, Kontomire, Garden Eggs, carrots, Cabbage etc.

In today's article, we will consider Garden Eggs and its benefits. Garden Eggs is one of the most common edible vegetable that comes in different species. Below are some types of Garden Eggs

a. Solanum melongena: It comes in Pear shaped, purple and 9 inches long.

b. Indian eggplant: These types of garden eggs are small, purple and have a green calyx.

c. White varieties: These garden eggs are white and are round in shape.

d. Japanese garden egg: These types are long, light purple, purple calyx and a very tender skin.

d. Ghostbuster: These types are white and sweeter than the one that appears in purple. These vegetables can be eaten raw or boiled and based on my own research, about 90% of the world's population grow these vegetables known as Garden Eggs.

The most eaten or edible part of this vegetable is the seed or fruit. But in this article, we will learn how to use its leaves in cleaning the Kidney and its associated diseases. The Kidney is an organ in the human body that filters blood and finally produced urine.

How to clean the kidney using Garden Egg's leaves to avoid Kidney Disease.

To see how to go about it, buy Garden Eggs and follow the outline steps below;

1. Cut the leaves into pieces.

2. Rinse or wash the chopped leaves in a clean water.

3. Put it in a clean pot with clean water.

4. Boil it for 10 minutes.

5. Filter it in a bottle.

6. And allow it to cool. Take one glass of cup in morning and evening.

Observation and Conclusion:

When you urinate check your urine and you will notice that, the salt in the body and some other diseases that can affect your kidney will be passing through your urine.

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