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How to prepare yam pottage

MpotoMpoto is a Ghanaian cooking produced using Cocoyam or Yam. It is otherwise called Yam Pottage and Asaro by the Nigerians. It is produced using a few ingredients including

A tuber of sweet potato (about 1kg) 

Red chime pepper (Tatashe) 

Scotch hood chillies (Ata Rodo) 


Palm oil (use as indicated by inclination and you can substitute with vegetable oil) 

Meat Seasoning powder or stock solid shapes 


Mackerel fish, cleaned (substitute with dry fish or smoked fish) 

Meat stock (discretionary) as you can likewise utilize water 

Spinach or any green vegetable 

sweet potato porridge and peppered hamburger served in a white bowl. 


strip and cut sweet potato into lumps 

Generally mix red ringer pepper, scotch hat chill and onions together on a heartbeat and put away 

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Bubble fish for around 5 minutes with preparing, salt. Save fish stock for the porridge on the off chance that you are not utilizing hamburger stock 

Spot a little skillet on medium warmth, add palm oil and warmth for around 2 minutes. Add slashed onions and fry till onions are clear. Approach it off the warmth and set. This is to be added to the sweet potato at the last part of the cooking.

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Ata Rodo Ghanaian MpotoMpoto Tatashe Yam Pottage


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