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Check out Photos of Weird Food combinations: I dare you to give a try

Food apart from being an important aspect of life it's also play a role in cultural diversity, ranging from local dish to intercontinental meal, even in the family this aspect is one of the most important in our day to day activities

It's not all about filling the tummy it's about getting the required nutrients our body need to keep it in good shape and conditions, but in some certain condition we are compelled to go for the unusual just to satisfy that munching feeling. Unfortunately there are some food which are not compatible for I don't see myself settling for such.

Below are some pictures of some funny food combinations that you may find thrilling.

1. Cooked beans inside ripe Pawpaw. There is no doubt that this will cause a very severe stomach disorder

2. Cooked beans mixed with egg. This fella has just created a mini nuclear weapon you can imagine how concentrated is fart will be.

3. Stylish Fufu with Catfish pepper soup. This looks really delicious but the arrangement is quiet funny.

4. Colored Spaghetti with tomato sauce. This is the worst food combo the look doesn't look inviting.

5. Bread with Spaghetti. This looks funny but it may be delicious in a way.

6. Spaghetti mixed with fresh Banana. This is rather an unusual combination but it may be delicious.

7. Fufu with beans soup. A mixture of Fufu with beans soup is also an unusual combination but it looks really funny.

8. Indomie mixed with Orange. 

9. Bread filled with Indomie noodles. home made burger

10. Cornflakes with cooked egg.

11. Pancake with a splash of cooked beans. This looks creative but am not hungry thanks.

12. Cooked beans with raw Irish potato. I don't think this an healthy meal to consume

13. Indomie with beans and groundnut. This is totally unacceptable this is food abuse.

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