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23-year old man in trouble over 'expired' milk

23-year old man in trouble over 'expired' milk 

One thing the youth of today likes doing is deceiving others, for their personal gains. It is with this deceiving attitude, that has landed a 23 year old man in trouble this afternoon. Kweku Fari has landed into the arms of the law, and will surely spend the night behind bars, for his atrocious deeds today. Kweku is one of the numerous customers of Family and Friends Shopping Centre at Winneba, which sells fresh and organic products, as well as provisions and appliances. Family and Friends hall of shopping, is a retail shops just as Melcom, and deals in all kinds of groceries to appliances and provisions. 

Kweku from his accounts, has been shopping with the retail shop for sometime now but, hasn't ever complained about anything before. But the shop supervisor proved him wrong when he made claims against Kweku, causing many confusions at the shop. Kweku was found of either pretending to have left his wallet in his car or by the roadside, on many occasions he went to the shop to buy items. 

This morning he went to the shop to buy fresh diary milk and other things like bread and biscuits. Kweku after two hours, went back with the milk he bought from the shop and claimed it has expired, and wanted his money back. The shop do not have expiring dates on their dairy fresh milk because they are produced daily, and customers are advised to use within 2 days or refrigerate it to keep it safe. The instructions are written on the shopping cart where the diary bottles are kept, and none of the bottles there, has an expiring date on it. Because they are on the cart that, the diary milks are fresh and are produced daily and customers should use within 48 hours, or keep it in freezer. Kweku failed to read the instructions on the shopping cart, where the dairy fresh milk bottles were kept and bought the milk. 

He some how managed to use half the milk and filled the rest with water, and placed a best before stick on the bottle, before going back to the Family and Friends Shopping Centre to start his complains. The shop supervisor found Kweku to be lying, and called the Low-cost police on him. Kweku was arrested in the afternoon and has still not been given bail. He will surely spend the night at the police cells, after he confessed of diluting the milk, but was after he saw the expiration date. The shop supervisor Mr. Armstrong, made it known that, the shop will not press the case further since Kweku has admitted lying. Though he will still spend the night at the cells, to teach him a lesson. 

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