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How to make Atadwe (tiger nut) milk pudding

A lot of Ghanaians are fascinated with tiger nuts for reasons best known to them.

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How to make Atadwe (tiger nut) milk pudding

Although it is not confirmed that the nut helps you to erect as a man, it is a known fact that it contains Vitamin E and this helps the sperms to move actively to fertilize the eggs.

This is probably what fascinates the men and causes them to continually make a fuss about tiger nut. In almost every part of the country, Atadwe is one of the foods that are easy to find.

This is a homemade atadwe milk or tiger nut pudding with tips for success.


2cups Tigernut (wash well and soak in water overnight)

1/3cups Local rice (soak overnight or 4hrs)

1/2cups Dark brown sugar/ caramelized sugar syrup

1/2tsp Salt

4cups water (as needed)


Add water, tiger nut and rice together and mix in a food processor or an extremely sharp blender 

Strain in a fine-network sifter to extricate the milk. You can add water to the waste and mix again to extricate more milk 

Utilize a cheesecloth or silk scarf, place over the sifter and give it the last strain to trap any abundance debris. 

Add the earthy colored sugar or caramelized sugar syrup, salt and give it a decent mix 

On medium warmth, utilize a whisk or elastic spatula to mix it ceaselessly a similar way 

Mix persistently till thickened and done tasting crude. Mood killer heat 

Fill a serving glass to chill off. 

Serve it warm or cold with or without vanished milk.

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Atadwe Ghanaians Vitamin E


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