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Healthiest Foods on Earth And How to Use Them

The fuel to the engine of the human body is food. It is rather unfortunate many people live to eat rather eat to live.

If you eat a healthy food, it gives you a good health and in turn makes you a happy, which translates into a productive life. It is prudent that we just don't eat to satisfy our hunger, but do so to keep us in good shape and conditions.

Let's consider some healthiest food on Earth and how to use them.

1. Avocados; they are rich in vitamin B6 and monounsaturated fats. You must take about two or three a week to boast your health.

2. Garlic; it has been man's best friend since time immoral. Garlic helps to reduce blood pressure, it got anti inflammatory properties and inhibit the growth of bacteria. You can soak it in water a drink, use it to prepare or chew it raw with honey.

3. Lemons; it contains a lot of vitamins. It has a very strong anti inflammatory properties. It can be added to your tea or water.

4. Black beans; they are very rich in calcium, proteins and fiber. Black beans are filled with antioxidants, and digest slowly keeping you satisfied for a very long time.

5. Dark chocolate; it's highly rich in antioxidants and help protect the body against several diseases by boasting the blood. Too much of it will however be problematic, tow or three slides a day is enough.

6. Spinach; it contains Vitamins A and K, and essential folate. It is parked with a lot of energy with low calories. It can be sautè with onions and serve with omelet.

Hope this has been educative.

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