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4 countries that eat 'Fufu as a staple food' apart from Ghana. Some eat coloured fufu with okra. See

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Fufu is a type of heavy food popularly eaten by most Ghanaians and other countries you never knew. It is a staple food known in various countries in West Africa and Central Africa, such as Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, Benin, Togo, Nigeria, Cote D'Ivoire, the two Congos, Cameroon, the Central African Republic and Gabon. It can also be found in the Caribbean. 

In preparation of Fufu, countries such as ghana normally prefer it with cassava and plantain. Others use plantain and yam or cocoyam instead of cassava. It is mixed together by pounding it severally until they are entirely joined into a smooth, somewhat clingy blend. 

It is capable of consuming some hours depending on the quantity. A lot of hard work is needed to pound this blend till you show up an even smooth delicacy, as desired. However, fufu machines have been produced to reduce the stress.

Every country, every continent has one or two major dishes appreciated by various other countries. One of the most staple food in African nations, for example, Cote D'Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, Togo, and Nigeria, is fufu.

In Ghana, fufu is largely enjoyed by its inhabitants. However, Ghana isn't the main nation that takes fufu. Below are some other countries who enjoy this dish as well.

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1. Togo

It wouldn’t be a shock seeing Togo on this list because of how close they are to Ghana.

Because they are our immediate neighbours, their Fufu is very much similar to the Ghanaian type. However, some Togolese prefer fufu pounded with only yams and no mixture of other Tubers such as yam or cassava or plantain.

They mostly serve it with groundnut soup.

2. Nigeria 

Unlike Ghana, Nigerians love to enjoy their Fufu not with soup, but with pepper or stew or a mixture of both.

The Igbos and Yorubas are commonly associated with this meal.

3. Liberia 

Fufu is a traditional Liberian dish made from cassava, plantain, or sweet potato. It can be eaten with an assortment of soups, for example, pepper soup, GB soup, okra, palm margarine, palava sauce, among others.

4. Cameroon 

Their version is comprised of crushed cassava flour and is the ideal going with side to get food without any (forks required). It doesn't have a lot of flavours itself and is more cherished for its consistency. Some people in Cameroon call it couscous, unlike Ghanaians calling it Fufu. Cameroons normally serve it in colours, depending on how it is done.

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