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WARNING: 4 Reasons Why Women Should Stop Eating Indomie (Instant Noodles)

In 2018, nearly 100 billion servings of noodles were consumed by all people in the world. Instant noodles are, in fact, an almost essential part of many people's diets. So much so that there is a girl who only ate instant noodles for 13 years.

If you also identify yourself as a regular noodles eater, we have bad news for you, as your health may be in danger. According to recent research by Baylor University, fast food products, including indomie, can increase the risk of cardiometabolic syndrome, especially among women.

The research published in The Journal of Nutrition and aims to shed a little light on the problems associated with different eating habits around the world. And apparently, instant noodles is one of the favorite foods among Asians.

The research focused on South Koreans, since they make up the population with the highest number of noodles consumers per capita in the world. In this way, the researchers studied 10,711 South Koreans aged between 19 and 64 years.

Even before the study, other sources have already cited that South Koreans have experienced a large increase in the occurrence of various health problems, especially those related to heart disease.

Why Instant Noodles Are So Unhealthy

Based on information gathered by Harvard University research and other studies, instant noodles have the following problems:

1- They are made from pre-cooked dry noodles, oil, and powdered flavoring.

2- In addition to the lack of ingredients, they also have no real nutrients (fiber, protein, vitamins or minerals) that can promote good health.

3- Instant Pot instant noodles is packed with saturated fat and simple carbohydrates.

4- According to a study conducted by Harvard University and Baylor University, eating regular corm instant noodles can cause health problems such as strokes and heart disease.

The study also found that women who consume instant noodles are at risk of developing metabolic syndrome, which is a condition that can lead to spikes in blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Men, for their part, did not experience this problem. This may be due to the biological differences between what exists between men and women as the researchers claim.

Scientists identified tertiary butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ), also known as the antioxidant E-319, as the main culprit in metabolic syndrome.

Instant noodles are a lifesaver for many people, especially for college students and those on a budget. Occasionally, this popular food is not dangerous to health, but its regular consumption can increase metabolic syndrome, especially in women since instant noodles are rich in saturated fat, sodium and unhealthy glycemic loads.

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