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Success greatly depends on how well your soup is blended, the CEO of Korba tells young people

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of interoperable platform Korba, Nelson Korshi Da Seglah, has described how one can succeed by making the most of every circumstance using the analogy of making soup.

The CEO of Korba asserts that success comes from an individual's accumulation of ups and downs, successes, and good times, just as each ingredient in a soup may not taste as good when eaten alone.

He stated in an interview with Ghana's YFM that Life is comparable to a perfectly made pot of delectable soup. The soup's flavor is due to more than just the tomatoes. Taking these ingredients alone won't taste as good as mixing them together to create the flavor we like. Being prosperous is like mixing your soup. Success is defined as the ability to create a mixture that can either be bitter or sweet.

He shared an Ewe proverb that his father had taught him, "A broken bicycle is better than walking," in an effort to inspire young people to follow their dreams without fear.

According to him, young people can succeed as long as they are able to recognize what they want to do, get ready for it by learning how to do it, and then finally work to realize that dream.

A Ghanaian information systems engineer named Nelson Korshi Da Seglah founded the interoperable payment solution Korba in 2014.

The former executive manager of UT Bank, an expert in E-business, is promoting his new product as a loyalty tool through traditional marketing.

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