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How to make Kokonte (Face The Wall)

Kokonte is a staple food, eaten in certain pieces of Africa including Togo, Ghana and others. In Ghana, Kokonte is eaten by the majority of the ethnic gatherings like the Ga, Akan, Hausa. Kokonte is otherwise called "Face The Wall".

Kokonte is very nutritive and as it contains adequate amounts of protein and very little fat. It is best served with okra, palm-nut or groundnut soups and that goes really well together.


Kokonte flour



Spot water in a pot (Preferably an iron pot) and let it bubble. 

At the point when the water starts to bubble, get some of it and set to the side. 

Add the kokonte flour to the bubbling water and ceaselessly mix with the goal that the protuberances are not framed. 

Press the kokonte aside of your pot, cover it and permit the kokonte to cook for around fifteen minutes. 

Roll the kokonte into balls with your hands. 

Serve while still hot with soup. Appreciate.

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