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Do Not Ignore, See 10 Most Important Foods To Improve Your Sight Vision

Eyes are a very important thing that we should take a very god care of. Am not of exception of those who were having eye problems. But with help of so much nutrients and minerals such as vitamin E, selenium, vitamin C, zinc and omega 3 in my food, I have not experience these problems anymore. I challenge to try and consume these food and you will not regret.

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1.     Bell Pepper: The bell pepper improves the reduction in the risk of prostrate cancer and old age-related issues.

2.     Carrot: The root carrot is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C which helps in both cataracts and age-related macular degeneration

3.     Fish: It contain or rich in omega 3 fatty acid which protects against cataracts and dry eye syndrome.

4.     Leafy Green: This prevents eye disease such as cataracts and macular degeneration. It promotes healthy eyesight.

5.     Egg: The egg promotes eye health and its overall functionality; it also helps in solving night blindness and dry eyes. Egg is highly rich in vitamin A.

6.     Nut and Seed: Seeds include almond and sunflower seed are highly rich in vitamin E which helps in fight against cataract and muscular degeneration

7.     Sweet Potatoes:

8.     Strawberries

9.     Salmon


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