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Know These 6 Foods And Never Eat Them Beyond The Expiry Date If You Care about Your Health

Thank you for clicking on this article. Having knowledge on lifespan of foods is very important and beneficial to your health. In this article you will find 6 types of food you should be careful with when they expire.

Due to lack of knowledge, improper handling, improper storage and transport, most of the globally food products go waste. Therefore, it is very essential to educate yourself to know how best you can store your foods and their expiration.

There are some foods that should not be eaten after they have expired and that is what you are going to read about in this article. Your comments are welcomed after reading, make sure you like and share with others as well.

Now let's get to know these 6 types of foods that should not be eaten beyond the expire date.

Foods that should not be eaten beyond the expire date


Chicken is well known for its great taste and nutritional value. To avoid any health problems, chicken must be well cooked or fried.

Chicken must not be eaten after its expiration date because, it can be contaminated by E. coli bacteria which can cause diseases like meningitis and urinary infections.


Fish is one of the nutritious foods which good for the body due to its protein content. Fish is prone to bacteria when it expires, it is essential to consume it within 2 days of purchase.

Putting it in the fridge has a maximum lifespan of about 6 months. It is advisable to eat it before they expire.

Raw Milk

Bacteria contamination makes raw milk carry higher risk for food infections. This is because, the diary product does not undergoes any treatment or pasteurized to kill the bacteria.

It is advisable to consume it before it expires. Pay attention to expiration date on products when buying them.

Pre-made salads

Salad are rich in nutrients that helps the body. These nutrients strengthen the immune system to fight against diseases. When pre-made salads are eaten before the expiration date, they taste good.

You should consume them as early as possible because the leaves mixed together wilt and become unappetizing after they have expired.


Eggs are one of the best protein foods. They can be cooked or fried and taste good using any of the preparation method. When they expire, you should not eat them.

Eggs rot when they expire and give unpleasant scent. It is advisable to enjoy them before they expire.

Fresh Meat

Most meat have relatively short lifespan. Fresh meat is likely to be contaminated by bacteria and should be well cooked before eaten.

Bacteria surface throughout meat when they expire. This is why you should not eat them when they become so.

I hope you have educated yourself well on the lifespan of the above foods and you will take them into consideration?

Your opinion matters, let me know them in the comment section, like and share with others. For more updates, tips, and interesting articles, click on the follow button to follow me.

Content created and supplied by: MickyAsamoa (via Opera News )



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