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In choosing a partner, is cooking important?

It will always be a woman's job to cook for her family. Well I believe cooking is a skill everyone should be aware of at least to some extent. Also,it has nothing to do with feminism.

In ancient times, a man used to go for work outside and it was the woman who cooked and took care of all household work hence cooking became a woman's chore. Our society consider cooking a task not manly enough so families look for a woman who can cook when the for a bride or partner. But now the times have changed and so this strict gender stereotyping has to change, in order to achieve this misconceptionand myth this topic have to be corrected.

Will you let a good lady so because she can cook? No, it shouldn't be the case. I know cooking is a skill and that too an important skill but that should not be a major factor in considering a partner though it is one of the factors but not necessarily the main factor.

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