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Save Some Money on Food: Here is what GHC10 can buy you in Ghana

Ever wondered if Ghc10.00 can buy you a three course meal in Ghana? Well, it could buy quite a lot surprisingly. However, this could also be dependent on your location in Ghana because certain locations call for higher pricing of goods and services.

Put together below are three different sets of a three course meal with just Ghc10.00 in Ghana

Set One:

Breakfast: You could buy yourself "hausa koko" with Ghc1.00 with an accompaniment of bread/"koose" -Ghc1. This gives us a total of Ghc2.00.

Lunch: "Gari soakings". One could get "gari" worth Ghc1.00, sugar worth Ghc0.50p, groundnut worth Ghc0.50p and finally pure water at Ghc0.20p.

Super: Kenkey surprisingly has increased in price with an average market price of Ghc1.50p. Hence, one could get kenkey worth Ghc1.50p with fish worth Ghc2.00/Ghc3.00.

Set Two:

Breakfast: Tea with Bread. The coco powder beverages on the market cost between Ghc1 to Ghc2. Assuming you go with milo three-in-one. You could get yourself that at Ghc1.50/Ghc2.00 accompanied with Ghc1.00 worth of bread.

Lunch: Fried Yam with Sausage. One could buy Ghc2.00 worth of fried yam and sausage worth Ghc1.00

Super: Banku with pepper & fish/ Banku with soup. Banku worth Ghc1.00 with fish worth Ghc3.00

Set Three: For those who love to eat heavy foods in the morning,

Breakfast: Waakye Ghc3.00 with an egg worth Ghc1.20p

Lunch: Red Red as it's popularly known. This is beans and plantain. You could get everything at Ghc3.00 (beans, gari and probably two pieces of ripe plantain)

Super: Banku with fried egg. With Ghc1.00 banku and fried egg worth Ghc1.50p

The above meals may not be luxurious or "rich" but they serve their purpose quite well and if you are looking to save some money on food, these could help.

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