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How to make coconut toffee (Ayigbe/Kube toffee)

It is the perfect balance of sweet and savoury.


1 1/2 dry coconut

7 tablespoons of sugar

Pinch of salt


Remove the coconut organic product from the hard packaging and wash 

Mesh the coconut on the more modest side of the grater. Utilize warm water and delicately knead the coconut and afterward separate the fluid from the waste with the sifter (Warm water assists with liquefying the fat from the refuse). 

Put the fluid Milk ablaze on low warmth. Scoop the white milk from the water. In case it is heated up the milk will be blended in with the water thus troublesome separate the milk 

Presently set the isolated milk back ablaze. Add salt and sugar 

Continue to mix the milk till the oil and the toffee begin to isolate. 

Utilize the spoon to scoop out the oil and continue to mix the toffee till brilliant brown. 

Turn the toffee onto the slashing board. Permit to cool somewhat and afterward cut and form them into shape.

Wrap in food plastic bags to keep them from melting.

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Ayigbe Kube


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