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Avoided These Six Foods For One Week And This Is What Will Happened To Your Face

It is another beautiful day and I thank Almighty God for protecting you and me overnight and waking us to see another day.

Reading this article, I appreciate your time and effort for clicking on it however, it will be a great pleasure if you can hit the FOLLOW button so that you don’t miss any of my interesting articles. Today I want to share what happened to a friend of mine after he devoted one week to a particular group of food. 

My friend has been suffering from skin disorders for a very long time. One which almost gets everyone prescribing medication to him has to do with “PIMPLES” or “ACNE”. This particular skin problem has been bothering him for some time but after a few pieces of research on the internet, he found a simple CURE.

Refined Carbs and Sugar: The Diet Saboteurs -

His cure involves diet. He is someone who loves processed foods, sugar, meat and usually sweats a lot. After sticking to a bit of internet advice by avoiding these 6 foods, see what happened to him.

Here Are The Six Foods To Avoid If You Don’t Want Pimples

1. Refined grains

As the name depicts, refined grains can be said otherwise as grains such as wheat, maize, corn, millet and others that have been highly processed into other end products. Products made of refined grains like white bread has been known to aggravate high blood sugar levels which affect the insulin level and further lead to an outbreak of PIMPLES.

2. White sugar

Inflammation which is lead to Pimples outbreak is contributed by white sugar. White sugars are just like refined grains, it spikes up blood sugar level and causes inflammation.

3. Dairy products

The 2020 Dairy 100: changes at the top | 2020-08-18 | Dairy Foods

Are you a fan of dairy products? My friend is the type that cannot let a day goes by without having dairies especially cheese and milk. However, after some research, he has reduced how he consume these products and you should do the same.

4. Fast food

Who doesn’t like fast food? Living in an era where industrialization has made it easy to get foods made quickly, hardly do most people find time to attend to their kitchen, hence, fast food is the only way out here. But if you don’t want pimples, then avoid them.

5. Chocolate

Fixing chocolate's troubled supply chain | Corporate Knights

Chocolate has been known to cause acne for years, however, its outburst is dependent on the type of chocolate that you buy. Those with high cocoa content are the best ones for you but they are also expensive ones. 

6. Omega-6 fatty foods

Omega-3 is good for your health! Yes, you read that right and fish is one great source to get those. However, other foods like eggs, meats, and others which are high in omega-6 fatty acids can cause pimples for some peoples.

Which of the foods will it be difficult for you to avoid?

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