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Some special benefits of fever grass or lemongrass

You may hear of lemongrass many people do call it fever grass because it powerful nature that destroys fever, this herb has so many names like barbed wire grass, silky heads, cochin grass, etc but it rather unfortunate that you don't have any clue about what changes it can bring to your health status.

You may be surprised going around looking for this miracle herb all over your locality.

So, what do you think makes this herb of grass so powerful and miraculous? 

Fever grass is indeed very exceptional and powerful but many people don't have any clue about the powerful nature of the grass and it may either due to modern technological ways of treating diseases.

What do you think about this grass with its greenish chlorophyll nature?

So, let set the ball rolling about how you can process this special grass as tea.

First, get an either fresh or dried fever or lemongrass and water, after securing your elements or ingredients. now you may prefer to put any amount of lemongrass into a clean kettle or pot and add any quantity of water to your choice and make it boil for some couples of minutes. Saturate it to get the juice out of the chaff to make your tea.

Now let look at the health benefits of this special tea; lessens the risk of digestive problems and cancer. has the potential to controls cholesterol levels. plays another major part in weight loss. can lessen the risk of menstrual pain and other stomach disorders. can rectify other infections like flatulence, flu, cold, and many more.

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