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Using Honey and Salt for wealth.

Honey and salt are two naturally created compounds of nature. honey can be eaten raw and it taste sweet what of salt? Can you eat it raw the answer is a big NO!.eating salt raw can make you dehydrated even though it has some good nutrient like sodium. If you are with a heart condition please check your salt intake . with our sweet friend honey , you can take it raw ,good for individuals who which to clear some toxins or free radicals . Yes!. Add it to your lemon and drink, it works well. Now,to what we are about.

To attract good wealth or favour to yourself you can give this a try by combining honey with salt.

Steps to consider.

1.Get your salt and honey. I mean the natural (salt and honey).

2.Get a bowl pour the salt into it , use your middle finger to draw a cross in the bowl containing the salt.

3. Breath on it, after do that three times

4.Mix the honey with salt in the bowl with your middle finger.

5.With your middle finger, dip it in , then lick it.  

Anytime you are about to step out of your home, just dip your finger(middle) into it and lick.

Do this for seven days. You can give it a try!.

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