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Did you know that Ghana's favorite snack 'Kulikuli' has an English name? Find out what it is.

Welcome to Nazeef69 Handle and thank you for opening this interesting article.

Today we are looking at a very interesting and educative article, that is something you might not know in your life time.

People normally find it difficult to identify the English names of some local food items whiles others conclude it doesn't have english names without making any comprehensive research to find out.

Kuli kuli is not an exception of those local made foods with it's english name being difficult to find. After several consultations, we found out that, the actual English name for kuli kuli is Groundnut Cake according to a Nutritionist and a lecturer from one of the reputable universities in Ghana.

This was the answer he gave when asked the actual English name of Kuli kuli;

The word kuli kuli is used in many languages and it's still difficult to find out which language it represents.

Some people have given it funny names like local biscuits, groundnut circle, groundnut paste biscuit and many more.

You can now boast of finally knowing the English name of this sweet local food item.

I hope have learnt something new today in your life.

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