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5 Benefits Of Green Tea - Why Should I Drink Green Tea.

Green tea, native to China and India, has been consumed and hailed for its health benefits for centuries globally, but has only recently gained popularity in the United States.Green tea is made from unoxidized leaves and is one of the less processed types of tea. It therefore contains the most antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols.

Here are some benefits of green tea;

1. Green tea helps in weight loss.

Green tea may promote a small, non-significant weight loss in overweight and obese adults; however, since weight loss in the studies was so minimal, it is unlikely that green tea is clinically important for weight loss.

2. Green tea is good for all skin types.

There are many research studies that show that both drinking green tea and applying it topically can have benefits for your skin. Not only can green tea and green tea extract help with acne and help your skin look younger, but it also has the potential for helping to prevent melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers.

3. Green tea can fight certain cancers.

This is big. After all, we all know someone who has been affected by cancer and may have even faced it ourselves. So, to know that green tea may fight cancer is a pretty big incentive to add it to your day. The types of cancer that may be prevented are pretty numerous, too, including mouth, kidney, pancreas, stomach, and mammary glands, among others.

4. Green tea helps regulates blood sugar levels.

The flavonoids in green tea, including epigallocatechin gallate, have been shown to decrease the liver’s glucose production. This means that your body regulates blood sugar more effectively, keeping your glucose levels within a healthy range (Waltner-Law, 2002)

5. Green Tea fights inflammation.

The flavonoids in green tea have been proven to fight inflammation in the body. The component epigallocatechin gallate in green tea has anti-inflammatory effects and protects cell DNA. There are also antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties in green tea which also work against inflammation.

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