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How to prepare 'Mpoto Mpoto' (Mashed cocoyam)


Dried fish






Palm oil


Onga cube

Mpotompoto or nyoma is a one-pot meal made mainly from yam or cocoyam cooked in broth. Although it is an ideal meal for everyone, it is also recommended for babies as a weaning food.


1. Strip the coco sweet potato and cut into little pieces and wash completely.

2. Put the coco sweet potato in another pan, add water.

3. Then, at that point, add the dried fish, onga 3D shape and salt to taste and cover to bubble.

4. Mix the tomatoes ,pepper, garlic, onion, ginger and add to the coco sweet potato combination.

5. Permit to cook for around 20 min, leaving the pot uncovered.

6. Taste for salt when the soup is prepared.

7. Mood killer the fire, scoop a portion of the soup into a different bowl.

8. Use potato masher or wooden spoon to squash the coco sweet potato in the container.

9. Warmth palm oil or cooking oil add a little slashed onion for season and empty them into the squashed coco sweet potato.

10. Mix and permit to stew for several minutes.

11. Serve the squashed coco sweet potato with the saved soup.

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