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He Refused To Eat Because Of Power - Captain Smart Reveals

Captain Smart the today went Deeper and Explained why some key personalities don't eat their wife's food all because of power.

He explained that when you go to the Eastern Region of Ghana, some big men with their quest for power are Directed to eat from the homes of Queen mothers only. 

He have the list and none of them can be bold to deny his claims. He explained that,

They do that to protect their power in local governance. He added that, such People go home and don't eat from their wife's pot. When food is served, they simply act like eating but they don't.

And their wives also understand them because when the power comes it benefits all of them. He added that practically they are Directed not to eat their wives food because Women can get a Man easily through food.

And that is the main reason why people say that the way to a man's heart is through his Stomach. 

He said those looking for power goes extra mile to do a whole lot of things to get what they want.

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Eastern Region Ghana Smart Stomach.


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