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3 Bad food combinations that you should avoid, number 3 can kill yours

In our attempts at getting appeasing and nutritious dishes we often end up making bad and unhealthy food combinations which have long term health problems which do not foster healthy growth and development.

Bad choice of food combinations often leads to health conditions such as pot bellying, tummy aches, frequent flatulence, indigestion, heat arches and several others.

The continues eating of an unbalanced diet often leads to weight gain and prevents you from being active and energetic if you hardly take part in exercises.

1.Beans and eggs are both sources of protein and a combination of both results in over nutrition and an imbalanced diet. Beans should be accompanied with either fish or meat and not any of the two pairs above.

2.Beverages and ice should never be an accompaniment when eating your meals , be it fruit juice and ice or alcohol and ice avoid it.

A combination of ice and alcohol increases the cholesterol level which affects the blood streams which may lead to diseases such as heart attacks and cancers.

3.Food with water or juice is also another bad eating habits which has several health disadvantages which should be totally avoided.

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