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Risks and benefits of Maize every Ghanaian should know

Corn is a food popular in Ghana for its products such as banku, kenkey and many more.

Corn Health Benefits

Try not to allow the sweet taste to trick you. Picking corn and entire grain corn items - instead of food that has prepared white flour - can prompt better gut healthand help bring down your odds of getting infections like malignancy, coronary illness, and type 2 diabetes. 

The fiber in corn encourages you stay full for more between suppers. It likewise takes care of solid microbes in your stomach related plot, which may help ensure against colon malignancy. 

Popcorn may likewise help forestall diverticulitis, a condition that causes pockets in the dividers of your colon. In a huge report, men who ate more popcorn had a lower danger of getting diverticular illness. 

Corn is plentiful in nutrient C, a cell reinforcement that shields your cells from harm and averts illnesses like malignancy and coronary illness. Yellow corn is a decent wellspring of the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which are useful for eye wellbeing and help forestall the focal point harm that prompts waterfalls. Corn additionally has more modest measures of vitaminsB, E, and K, alongside minerals like magnesium and potassium. 

With regards to supplements, shading matters. Plant shades are the place where you'll discover regular synthetics called phytonutrients, which convey the cancer prevention agents. That is the reason white or yellow corn has less cancer prevention agents than blue or purple corn. (These more obscure shaded kinds of corn come in chips or taco shells.) 

Corn Risks

Corn is a bland vegetable, similar to potatoes and peas. That implies it has sugar and carbs that can raise your glucose levels. It can in any case be a sound piece of your eating routine in the event that you don't try too hard. In the event that you have diabetes, you don't really have to maintain a strategic distance from corn, yet watch your bit sizes. 

Corn likewise has antinutrients, which are intensifies that hold your body back from retaining supplements just as it ought to. Drenching your corn can help eliminate a considerable lot of them. 

Regularly, corn gets tainted by growths that put off poisons called mycotoxins. In the event that you eat a great deal of corn with these poisons, you're at a higher danger for specific diseases, liver issues, lung issues, and easing back of your resistant framework. 

A few group who have celiac infection - an issue that causes an immune system reaction when you eat any sort of gluten - find that corn causes issues for them. Corn may likewise cause a manifestation flare on the off chance that you have crabby inside disorder .

Some people have raised concerns about genetically modified (GM) corn. Scientists can change the DNA in corn to make it more resistant to drought or insects, or to give it more nutrients. Farmers sometimes use this type of corn in their crops.

There's no evidence that genetically modified corn poses any risk to human health.

Do you think Ghanaians eat the right proportion of maize or they over eat it? Share your ideas.

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