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The Food That Is Normal To Eat In Nigeria Whether Poor Or Rich But Strange In The Other Countries

In Nigeria, drinking garri (fermented cassava) is the only thing that keeps man going. Because their is no food so we drink garri to survive. But recently the garri has turned out to be a very delicious fast meal, yes, I call it a meal because it serves the purpose.

You just need simple ingredients for these scrumptious meal; Water, garri, sometimes milk and chocolate. You can also add some biscuits if you want, sugar, groundnut (peanut) and sometimes ice block.

Procedure: The firstly thing to do is to bring the amount of garri you want in a bowl or plate. Then add water to the garri to remove the residues (like the center of the cassava when grinded).

Add peanut, sugar, milk to prevent eye problem, chocolate, and then ice. It more tasty when you eat it cold. In Nigeria, even rich men drink garri because of the great taste it has.

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