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Avoid This Food If You Want To Live Long

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Long life depends on how well you can control your health. Please monitor the food you eat very well and live on the Earth for long. Many youth die of their age because of unbalanced diet.

Here food you should not eat

1. Avoid eating more meat

Many people don't like eating sea fish but love to eat meat. Although meat is good, but too much of everything is bad. Meat contain fat which is More harmful to the human body. Some meat take more hours before it digest and that can harm the body, example is goat meat, cow beat take 24 to 48 hours to digest.

2. Avoid eating too much pepper

Many youth are dying of their age because of pepper. Eating hot peppers every day can leads to heart failure, as a result leading to the death of young people and the aged as well. Avoid hot pepper soup, the peppers in the soup should be normal and moderate.

3. Avoid eating too much salt

Too much salt can leads to lungs failure, and once the lungs fail, your breathing will not been normal and this can easily kill you.

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