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How to make the best Ghanaian Waakye

Waakye is popular street food in Ghana.



Save time with this fast and easy waakye recipe without the need to soak the beans before hand.


2 cups rice

1 cup black eye beans

6-8 waakye leaves

Salt to taste


Pick stones and corn meal from the beans. 

Wash the beans and add them into the tension cooker. 

Wash the waakye leaves and furthermore add them into the tension cookers. Pour in water up to the base level on the pot. 

Close the valve of the tension cooker and leave until it arrives at full strain. This should take close to 15 mins. 

When it arrives at full tension, diminish the warmth and leave for extra 10 mins for the beans to cook. 

Eliminate from warmth and permit to chill off normally to decompress. This should take around 20 mins. 

When the pot is sufficiently cooled. Open the cover. 

Pour the beans with the cooking fluid and the waakye leaves into another pot. Wash the rice and empty it into the pot as well. 

Add more water if necessary so there is sufficient to cook the rice. Add some salt and cover the pot. 

Permit the rice to cook. The ideal opportunity for this relies upon the kind of rice utilized. Check pack guidelines in case you don't know. 

Eliminate the waakye leaves and present with your number one side.

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