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Simple Red Beans And Coconut Rice Recipe To Try For The Family

Good day lovely people. I am going to share with you one of my favourite ways to cook rice. It is a very simple recipe with common ingredients which we can all get from our local market. Today's special recipe is red beans and coconut rice. This is a delicacy of the people of Jamaica. Here are the ingredients and the steps you will need to prepare this tasty dish.


1. Rice

2. Red Beans

3. Coconut Milk

4. Water

5. Vegetable oil

6. Onion

7. Salt


1. Wash your red beans and put it in a pot. Add salt and boil in water till cooked but make sure it doesn't become too soft since we will add it to the rice.

2. Now in a separate pot, add a little oil and sauté some onion slices till translucent.

3. Add your washed rice to the pot.

4. Pour some coconut milk into the rice and top off with water till sufficient.

5. Add salt to taste.

6. When rice is almost cooked but not totally soft, add your red beans and stir gently into rice.

7. Now cover and wait till fully cooked and tender.

8. Serve hot with any stew or sauce of preference.

NB: For those who don't know how to prepare coconut milk, check out my previous article which teaches you step by step on how to prepare your own coconut milk in the confort of your kitchen. It's a very easy recipe which involves just two ingredients. Feel free to check it out right after this.

Ladies and gentlemen, that's all for this simple dish. I hope you liked it. This rice tastes so amazing and the best thing is that it goes great with pretty much every sauce you add. In fact, you can even take it as it is with just a salad and any meat of our choice.

Thank you for reading. Please like and share this recipe to family and friends and follow me for more exciting content. Stay blessed.

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