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Why You Should Add These Top 5 Local Dishes To Your Daily Menu.

Ghanaian foods that everybody should eat always because of their nutritional health benefits. These local dishes can be found in all traditional restaurants in and outside Ghana. Ghana produces all the food crops used in the production and preparation of all our local traditional meals. As Ghanaians, we need to patronize our local traditional dishes. These are the local dishes that every Ghanaian and foreign visitor must enjoy in his or her lifetime.

1. Gari and Beans.

Many people love this local food for so many reasons. Most people called it 'gob3' or 'red red'. Locally, people eat red red because of its nutritional benefits. Others also have the view that gari and beans can sustain hunger for a long period. It can be afforded by both the rich and the poor in hard times among other reasons why people like eating the 'glob3'. Beans stew can be eaten with boiled rice, yam, cocoyam, sweet potatoes or fried plantains.

2. Waakye. Most people called this local food chi-kaafa-da waakye. This local traditional delicious meal is prepared by most people at their various homes. Waakye can be prepared with any kind of beans with the local brown rice. Waakye can be eaten with shito, gari, spaghetti, coat commonly called 'wale' or 'kahoro' among other kinds of proteins. Waakye can be eaten on all occasions and at any time of the day.

3. Plantains.

Plantains are also another local foods that most people cherished. plantains have multi-purpose uses in our traditional dishes. Boiled plantain can be taken with cocoyam leaves stew, garden eggs stew or palava sauce (nkontonmire), can be added to cassava for fufu. The ripe ones can also be added to so many foods like Jollof rice, beans stew among others. Some people also used both the ripe and unripe plantain for pastries and chips. This should be tried by all Ghanaians in their daily recipes to have that great taste for the local traditional food.


Ghanaians have a great affection for this local food because it is very affordable and easy to prepare. Maize is from the grain family which is used for most food preparation including banku and kenkey. The maize is soaked in water for two to three days for it to be fermented and mail into the dough(moli) and small cassava dough is added to its preparation. Banku can be eaten with any of these soups like okra soup, groundnut soup, light soup or hot pepper with shito and fried fish especially tilapia.

5. Kokonte.

This local food is the favourite of most ethnic tribes in Ghana, like the Akans and the Gas people. Kokonte is now eaten by almost all the ethnic groups in Ghana. Kokonte is popularly known as 'krist brown' or 'face the wall'. Locally, Ghanaians assumed that kokonte is a dish for the poor in society but ironically the rich people eat it more. It is prepared by using dry cassava dough with boiling water. When kokonte is ready, serve with any of these local soups, light soup, palm but soup or groundnut soup with boiled okra being optional. This local popular food is not eaten by Ghanaians alone but also among other tribes in West Africa like the Hausa tribes in Nigeria. Kokonte is called Brown Fufu in the English language.Do leave comments or suggestions.

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