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Healthy benefits of carrot

Carrot are type of plants, God created to assist human mostly the youth and enhance business and also help in developing a country and serves as a medicine.

In so developing countries they have set carrots on high and highly depends on it together with it's products.

Now a days carrots have climbed the public tree,for which people always talks about, search for it and it's products. Like (carrots cream, soaps, shower gels, cakes, juice etc.

On Wednesday, AGD Gregory spoke on epTV on YouTube and explains some of the benefits of carrots.

As most people knows AGD GREGORY he is not only good in speaking the Queen's language, preaching, advising, multivating, but also good in the teachings of the natural thing.

In his video he was advising the youth as he has been doing on his social media platforms. In his speaking he said most of the countries can be developed when they set plants as their target, especially carrots.

He continued saying, "It will not only serve the Government, but her(country) natives and also for the betterment of her economy.

AGD Gregory" I read something from the internet and I will want to read

Carrot is the most important crop of placeas family. It is a root vegetables that the world wide distribution, carrots were first used for medical purpose and gradually used as food.

so base on this intro, it means carrots can be used for medicine and its true.

AGD Gregory went on teaching the benefits of carrots.

Carrot is an economically important horticultural crop that has gained propularity in recent decades due to the increased awareness of it's natural values.

Carrot are good for the eyes due their high content of hydrocarbon carotenoids, a class of phytochemicals are often precursors to vitamin A.

²carrot juice are good for reducing of weight

³It is also good for men when they add honey and ginger to it.

Carrots soap and it's shower gels are good for lighting of the skin.Carrot shower gel

carrot oil, facials and body creams are also good for lighting of the skin."

He ended by promised to teach how to make soap and cream carrots on his platforms so we will give you the full details when he teaches how to do that on his show "YOUR FOOD YOUR DIETS."

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