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Warning: Avoid Cooking Beans With These Two Ingredients, They Destroy The Liver

Beans is one of the best African food, and most people like eating it with custard, pap, rice, yam, plantain etc. Beans is a rich food and very high in protein. It is very good for the young and old because beans are a body-building meal in Ghana and Africa at large. 

Some people believe that eating beans makes them grow taller. 

It is true cooking beans takes a long time before you can eat it, unlike yam, potatoes and some other foods, but some people have found a fast way to cook beans so they with follow the main process or waste time but forget to understand some of this short process are extremely harmful to the body system and can injure important orgasms in your body. 

Some people develop this habit of adding some extra ingredients to make sure they prepare beans in a short time, and some of these ingredients can be harmful to the body. 

It is best you avoid such ingredients. Beans should be cooked in a natural and traditional way, this will help with good health. I noticed in many homes in Africa they use paracetamol and potash to cool beans because this saves them time. If you are one of the people doing this, it is best you stop for your own good and your health life. 

People who cook beans with something like paracetamol or other toxic materials are doing no good but hurting themselves and their organs because too much of taking fast food or using toxic things to cook food (beans) might damage your liver. 

Instead of hurting yourselves by cooking with hurtful chemicals in your meal and complicating your life, it is best you cook your meal naturally and follow the due process. You can use your smartphone and Google to find rich things you can put in your beans to make it more yummy, such as onions instead of potash or paracetamol. 

Health is wealth, don't risk your health life for any reasons, you are what you eat. 

Thanks for reading, follow me for more educational articles.

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