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Never Add This One Ingredient When Cooking Cassava

Whenever it begins to rain we always have problems with our cassava. When you cook it for your delicacy it becomes bad that it cannot be eaten. 

The question is why is this so. 

Whenever you have cassava to cook, remember that it is cooked without any spicing.

Because cassava is sometimes not "good" when cooked some people tend to cook it by adding salt to it. They say that the salt helps to soften the cassava and makes it easier to pound especially for fufu.

We know that cassava already contains high amounts of carbohydrates and we do not want to couple it with sodium.

To his makes it more of a disease contribution factor rather than a meal.

This will in actual sense put our heart at risk when we eat it.

We love fufuo but be careful to not add salt to it. It's like adding insults to injuries.

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