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Don’t Use This Ingredient to Cook Beans If You Want to Live Long

Almost every plant has a different type, as well as nuts. There are many different types of beans and that includes their texture and cooking time, which is why some beans soften faster than others when cooked.

We all know nuts take time to soften in a fire, but people have found a way to do it faster than usual by adding some chemicals.

To make the food faster, they decided to add various chemicals to reduce the initial cooking time.

Substances such as potassium (linen) are usually added to reduce the cooking time of the food.

Some people also use potassium to bake bread, and some use meat to speed up the cooking process. I believe there are many other foods we eat and I had no idea that potassium was added to the cooking process.

According to the findings, potassium destroys the liver when consumed continuously over a long period of time.

The liver is the largest organ in the body. Its function is to detoxify food and metabolism. It stores glucose, emulsification, and body fat. The liver is a very important organ in the body and mistaking it for potassium can be life-threatening.

Everything that enters the mouth passes through the liver for detoxification and metabolism. Therefore, your body cannot function properly without them.

Potassium produces harmful substances when exposed to heat, and the harmful substances it produces are added to the food we cook, which then pass through our liver when absorbed.

Over time, the liver begins to die and is gradually damaged.

When the liver stops working it is known as liver failure.

Therefore, it is better to use onions to cook your delicious beans than to cook with potassium.

Let's learn to be patient in everything we do, including cooking.

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